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At Number 5, we believe in giving back.
Cape Town is not just about gorgeous scenery and fantastic weather, it's also about helping out the less fortunate. That is why Number 5 completely supports "La Marelle", a local charity that works tirelessly for the good of a small orphanage, "Sylvia's House", in Gordon's Bay outside Cape Town.
La Marelle started in 2008 by a group of mothers who wanted to make a real difference for children without moms. This non-profit association has grown to have a full time seamstress and 6 volunteers who bring their energy, time and great ideas making and selling quality fashion accessories right here in Cape Town.
Why did these moms choose Sylvia's House? Because Sylvia is an inspiring woman who has dedicated her life to raising traumatized and abandoned children, and who is determined to offer them a loving and healthy environment with sound moral values and solid education, so they never have to suffer again.
Raising 8 children is very expensive and challenging. So at Sylvia's House, they rely heavily on the help of others to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. Other top priorities are funds for education and medical costs.
La Marelle donates all the proceeds of its sales to finance these needs as well as vehicle repairs, household products and school uniforms.
 You can also contribute and help Sylvia raise those children in a secure and loving atmosphere.
Our small boutique has lovely products made by la Marelle and its incredible team of volunteers.
Buy one of these products and all the profits will go directly towards the orphanage.
You might wonder how many orphaned children there are in SA ?
 UNICEF estimates about 3.7 million  orphaned or vulnerable children in South Africa.


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How to find us

Number5 Guesthouse - 5 Union Street, Cape Town
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Tel: +27 (0)720696657


From the airport take the N2 highway towards       CITY/CAPE TOWN continue until you have reached a major intersection with traffic lights .
You should see the V&A Waterfront to your right and the Convention Centre on your left. Continue straight on up Buitengracht Street, until the street becomes two lanes, and then eventually become a one-way street called New Church Street. Do not turn off anywhere.
At the top of New Church Street, there is another intersection with traffic lights. Here the road becomes a two-way street again, with restaurants on your left. Cross over these traffic lights and turn left at the second street after the intersection. This is Upper Union Street, go straight down that road until you reach Kloof Street, turn right, then first left, you've reached our street.

Welcome to Cape Town. If at any stage you get lost, please contact us on +27 720696657 and we will guide you to the guest house.